Diamon Colophon

An experiment in digital publishing

This site is part of an experiment I’m conducting in digital publishing. Consider it in beta and subject to frequent changes.


This website runs on the popular WordPress content management system. The main fonts are Overpass and Source Serif Pro. The current theme is a slightly modified version of WP-Indigo by VitaThemes. Despite the fact that I am using a free version, the team there has proven wonderfully responsive to my requests for some advanced CSS snippets.

Speaking of being responsive, my web host,, has also been amazing and every penny they charge has been well worth it. If you are considering a new web host, you can get 20% off hosting fees — and help support this site — by using my referral code (pairref-Cn7CkX8E). Please see this disclosure page about how I monetize the site.

But this site is just the hub of content I’ve created around the Web. My portfolio provides links to external sites where my work has been published, while the Projects menu links to content sites that I have created using using a variety of technologies — Obsidian, the static site generator Eleventy, hosted by Netlify, drawing on a GitHub repo. If that sounds complex, then you are probably — like me — not a developer. But it is what it is. Each of those sites will include a similar “how I made this” note if you are interested in that sort of thing.

A quick note on Obsidian

Obsidian is often described as a note-taking app, or as the developers have said, “a powerful knowledge base on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.” Essentially, the application enables you to create files on your local drive, tag the files with keywords, execute full-text searches of those files, and easily link files together. It sounds simple, but the combination creates a writing tool that “moves at the speed of thought.” To get a 12-minute overview, check out Nick Milo’s introductory video on YouTube .

Because of those features, Obsidian has become my integrated writing environment. You can learn more about an IWE in this note .


My debts to friends and strangers alike are too numerous to provide a full account here. I would embrace the opportunity to correct any omissions, so please reach out to me if you feel I’ve not credited you for your ideas and inspiration.