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  • If you can be honest with yourself, brutally honest, the question of what to do with one's life is not, in the end, "What would you do for work if you didn't need the money?" The true question is "What […]
  • This site is made up of posts, which can be subdivided into two types: notes and features. In this way, the site resembles both a traditional blog and a digital garden, but I don't think of it as either (see […]
  • These are things I want to do to improve this site. If you have suggestions, please use my contact form to let me know! [x] Update first set of posts with new format [x] Change the style for block quotes […]
  • Because I'll want to recall how I made this site, I'm documenting changes in this log. Further, because I'm not a developer, many of my modifications are cut-and-paste, and while I try to document them with commenting in the code, […]
  • In Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman argues that there are two "systems" our brain uses to process information and decide how to act. Adopting terms originally proposed by Keith Stanovich and Richard West, Kahneman says: System 1 operates automatically […]
  • Consider this site an early beta or prototype in an ongoing digital publishing experiment. Just as the music publishing industry was disrupted by the Web's potential to enable creators to connect directly with their audiences, so I think the traditional […]
  • By now, everyone knows that a link — short for hyperlink — is a connection between one piece of content and another. Here, a link will usually take a visitor from one post to another, but sometimes it will lead […]
  • Please note that these pages may include affiliate referral links. This means that if a reader clicks on text or an image, I may receive a commission from purchases. There is no additional cost to you — it helps pay […]
  • This is a glossary of terms that may be useful for users of the site. Each term is hyperlinked to a page that provides a definition or explanation of its use. integrated writing environment links nomenclature — posts, features and […]
  • Obsidian is often described as a note-taking app, or as the developers have said, "a powerful knowledge base on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files." Essentially, the application enables you to create files on your local […]