To disambiguate, these projects do not represent freelance assignments. To see samples of my freelance work, please check out my portfolio of work (in progress).

So what are these? I’m currently investigating digital publishing options, especially publishing from my Obsidian vault. So these projects represent alternative paths and technologies for that effort.

Obsidian Publish

Obsidian offers its own publishing solution. This is the best option if you are looking for tight integration with Obsidian, and it requires virtually no technical knowledge to use it. However, customization — beyond a few toggle-able elements and css — is limited. It is also particularly expensive, at $20 per month per site. For that reason, I’ve decided (for the time-being) to stop this experiment.

Hugo + Quartz

This approach uses a static site generator (Hugo) and requires that you put your Obsidian vault in a GitHub repo. The base css is attractive out of the box and includes some of the same elements one finds in Obsidian Publish: an outliner, backlinks, a knowledge graph, and two really simple ways to enable or disable publishing on a note-by-note, or folder, basis. All the components can be used without cost. This approach does assume some familiarity with Git, GitHub and css; it is also “opinionated” about the structure of the vault containing your notes. One of the assumptions is that you will use one GitHub repo per site and one site per vault. For these reasons, I’m no longer actively working on this approach. If you are comfortable with Git and Hugo, you could probably create a method to use a single vault to publish multiple sites.


Like the above project, this approach uses a static site generator (Eleventy) and requires that you put your Obsidian vault in a GitHub repo. However, using Netlify as a host, you can use a single repo (Netlify calls it a “monorepo”) to host multiple sites based simply on your vault’s folder structure. This is my specific use case, so my focus is here right now. All components have a free tier or are open source; it assumes a level of competency with Git, GitHub and css, and you would be well-served to work your way through the Eleventy tutorials available — especially if you want to add tags, search and rss feeds to your sites.

Deinos — Toward a New Understanding of Being

The Deinos project includes a set of notes that investigates the question of Being, asking if our human subjective experience is phenomenologically distinguishable from that of our recent ancestors. I intentionally try to avoid using academic philosophical jargon, sacrificing a level of precision in favor of general readability.

Obsidian Writer

My Obsidian Writer project is a set of notes that reflect my efforts to use Obsidian as an integrated writing environment.